Thursday, October 30, 2014


Ohio's Top 10 Players

1. Jack Pugh (6'2/Forward/Plain City)
2. Matt Allocco (5'3/Guard/Upper Arlington)
3. Darrion Henry (6'3/Forward/Cincinnati)
4. Isaiah Kennedy (5'6/Guard/Beaercreek)
5. Chance Mott (6'3/Forward/Mansfield)
6. Zeb Jackson (5'3/Guard/Toledo)
7. Devontae Blanton (6'0/Forward/Cleveland)
8. Willeon Yates (5'3/Guard/Springboro)
9. Sammy Anderson (5'5/Guard/Trotwood)
10. Grant Huffman (5'7/Guard/Aurora)

Indiana's Top 10 Players

1. Hunter Jackson (5'8/Guard/Indianapolis)
2. Mike Saunders (5'3/Guard/Indianapolis)
3. Tarik Booker (6'1/Forward/Indianapolis)
4. Grant Russell (6'0/Forward/Ft. Wayne)
5. James Curry (6'3/Forward/Indianapolis)
6. Raymond Terry (6'6/Center/Indianapolis)
7. Jerron Owsley (6'0/Forward/Indianapolis)
8. Garrott Ott-Large (6'0/Forward/LaPorte)
9. Brevin Jefferson (5'4/Guard/Indianapolis)
10. Jason Morton (6'6/Center/Ft. Wayne)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

All National 1st Team

Shemar Morrow (6'3"/SF/Oakland Soldiers-CA)
Terrence Williams (6'6"/PF/Slam City Elite-MD)
Kyree Walker (6'3"/SF/Oakland Soldiers-CA)
Benjamin Todd (6'9"/C/We All Can Go All Stars-TN)
Donovan Billings (6'3"/PF/Wisconsin United-WI)
Rashad McDaniels (5'8"/SG/St. Louis Wildcats Elite-MO)
Jalen Suggs (5'9"/PG/Wisconsin United-WI)

All National 2nd Team

Isaiah LeBlanc (6'1"/SG/God First Crusaders-TX)
Jason Harris (6'4"/C/West Coast All Stars-CA)
Marcus Dumervil (6'3"/PF/Lauderhill Lions)
Jordan Toles (6'1"/SF/Slam City Elite-MD)
Dillon Depina (6'3"/PF/Oakland Soldiers-CA)
Julian Newman (5'3"/PG/Unknown-FL)
Hunter Jackson (5'8"/SG/George Hill Rising Stars)

All National 3rd Team

Anthony Hoggard Jr. (5'11"/PG/Slam City Elite-MD)
Jaden Springer (5'9"/SG/We All Can Go All Stars-TN)
Chase Ellis (6'3"/PF/Worldwide Wildcats-GA)
Jalen Johnson (6'0"/SG/Wisconsin Playground Warriors-WI)
Isaiah Todd (6'6"/C/Slam City Elite-MD)
Jamari Smith (6'1"/SG/Dream Team Xpress-AL)
Jack Pugh (6'1"/SF/Mid-Ohio Pumas-OH)

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Oakland Soldiers (CA) vs. We All Can Go All Stars (TN)

#2 Player Shemar Morrow @ AAU Nationals

#11 Jordan Toles Mix Tape

#7 Jalen Suggs @ AAU Nationals

#8 Isaiah LeBlanc Mix Tape

#13 Julian Newman Work Out Video

#3 Kyree Walker CP3 Camp Video

Ohio PG Zeb Jackson Jr. Mix Tape

Ohio PG Ketaan Wyatt Jr. Mix Tape

2020 NC Guard Lawrence Frost CP3 Camp Video

#4 Wisconsin United (WI) vs Maryland Pride (MD)

#4 Wisconsin United (WI) vs #21 Atlanta Playmakers (GA)

#1 Oakland Soldiers (w/o full team) upset loss vs Arkansas Hawks (AR)

#5 West Coast All Stars Spring Highlight Reel

New Class of 2020 Top 25 Player Rankings

1. Terrence Williams (6'6"/PF/Slam City Elite)
2. Shemar Morrow (6'3"/SF/Oakland Soldiers)
3. Kyree Walker (6'3"/SF/Oakland Soldiers)
4. Benjamin Todd (6'9"/C/We All Can Go All Stars)
5. Donovan Billings (6'3"/PF/Wisconsin United)
6. Rashad McDaniels (5'8"/SG/St. Louis Wildcats Elite)
7. Jalen Suggs (5'9"/PG/Wisconsin United)
8. Isaiah LeBlanc (6'1"/SG/God First Crusaders)
9. Jason Harris (6'4"/C/West Coast All Stars)
10. Marcus Dumervil (6'3"/PF/Lauderhill Lions)
11. Jordan Toles (6'1"/SF/Slam City Elite)
12. Dillon Depina (6'3"/PF/Oakland Soldiers)
13. Julian Newman (5'3"/PG/Unknown)
14. Hunter Jackson (5'8"/SG/George Hill Rising Stars)
15. AJ Hoggard (5'11"/PG/Slam City Elite)
16. Jaden Springer (5'9"/SG/We All Can Go All Stars)
17. Chase Ellis (6'3"/PF/Worldwide Wildcats)
18. Jalen Johnson (6'0"/SG/Wisconsin Playground Warriors)
19. Isaiah Todd (6'6"/C/Slam City Elite)
20. Jamari Smith (6'1"/SG/Dream Team Xpress)
21. Jack Pugh (6'1"/SF/Mid-Ohio Pumas)
22. JaKobe Coles (6'0"/SF/Nebraska Hoops Elite)
23. RJ Davis (5'2"/PG/New York Gauchos)
24. Visual Russell (6'4"/C/Florida Force 2019)
25. Nimari Burnett (5'7"/SG/We All Can Go All Stars)

Next 5 would be ... Keyshawn Johnson (DC), Rudwan Tahir (MN), Jaylen Murray (NY), Matt Allocco (OH) and Jeremy Roach (VA)

#3 PG Julian Newman Workout Mix

Player Profile #1: Isaiah LeBlanc (6'1"/SG/Houston, TX/God 1st Crusaders)

Isaiah LeBlanc (God First Crusaders)

Did You Know He's ...

Only 12 years old
Led his team to a 75-15 record
Made First Team all NYBL
Averaged 20 pts., 5 ast., and 5 reb. in NYBl Session 3
Had 5 Triple Doubles in his NYBL season
#1 Player in the State of Texas

25 pts. & 15 reb. vs Team Takeover
30 pts. vs Oakland Soldiers
25 pts. vs Team Glory
28 pts. vs Leesburg Basketball Club
35 pts. vs Banneker Kings-1st time
30 pts. vs West Coast All Stars
26 pts. vs Banneker Kings-2nd time
27 pts. vs Worldwide Wildcats
25 pts. vs Team Felton

Check Him Out!

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2014-15 Pre-Season Top 25 AAU Teams

1. Oakland Soldiers (CA) -Defending National Champions! We have not seen if they have upgraded their roster yet but after winning the National title they have been unstoppable so far led by Top 10 Player 6'3" Shemar Morrow accompanied by 6'3" Guard Kyree Walker and 6'3" Post Dillon Depina. With that being said they also have sharp shooters in Devin Hightower, Jamir Thomas and Devin Askew.

2. We All Can Go All Stars (TN)-Lost a tough battle at the buzzer in July but will use that as motivation going in to the next season where they will be looking to dominate with the new addition of 6'9" Post Benjamin Todd. They have many capable stars in 5'7" Guard Nimari Burnett, 5'9" Guard Jaden Springer, 6'3" Post Chris Moore, 5'7" sharp shooter Colton Fraley along with Guards Juwan Carpenter, Marcus Fitzgerald and Lonnie Ray Tyler. But that's their motto "They All Can Go!"

3. Slam City Elite (MD)-New to the scene this year with 4 reclassified Top 100 talents from the 2019 Class. Their biggest weapon is 6'6" Forward Terrence Williams. He is so smooth in the paint and simply unguardable and he knows how to exploit his mis-match. But that's just the beginning of it all! They also have 5'7" Guard Tyler Brelsford, 5'11' Guard A.J. Hoggard, 6'1" Guard Jordan Toles, 6'6" Forward Isaiah Todd, 6'5" Forward Cameron Byers and those are just a few to name. They are working on building an resume as of right now by already defeating top 10 NY Gauchos so far but they will be in for a real challenge when they play the likes of Oakland or We All Can Go.

4. Wisconsin United (WI) Jalen Suggs & Donovan Billings
5. West Coast All Stars (CA) Jason Harris, Paris Dawson Tyrone Washington
6. St. Louis Wildcats Elite (MO) Rashad McDaniels & Dylan Branson
7. Team Takeover (DC) Keyshawn Johnson, Ishmael Leggett, Justin Lykes & Canin Reynolds
8. New York Gauchos (NY) Rodney Bailey, RJ Davis & CJ Robinson
9. Worldwide Wildcats (GA) Chase Ellis, Justin Powell, Devion Smith & Brock Williams
10. George Hill Rising Stars (IN) Mike Saunders & Hunter Jackson
11. PSA Cardinals (NY) Jaylen Murray, Brandon Weston & Andre Washington
12. Sports U Izod (NJ) Elijah Everett, William White, Zion Bethea & Niels Lane
13. Minneapolis FAB (MN) Cornell Richardson, Lu'Cye Patterson & Rudwan Tahir
14. RIP City (PA) Kieves Turner, Andrew King & Rahir Hicks
15. San Diego Select (CA) Alex Wade, Obinna Anyawau, Chibuzo Agbo & Thomas Notaranni
16. Team Felton (NC) Trayden Williams & Jalen Cone
17. God First Crusaders (TX) Isaiah LeBlanc, Tramon Mark & Stayve Thomas
18. Lauderhill Lions (FL) Marcus Dumervil
19. Team Philly (PA) Keshaun Hammond & Ahmad Fair
20. Nebraska Hoops Elite (NE) JaKobe Coles, David Moreno, Maxwell Polk & Latrell Wrightsell
21. Atlanta Playmakers (GA) Dwon Odom
22. Atlanta Volt (GA) Caleb Murphy
23. Team Texas Elite (TX) Julien Smith & Mike Jefferson
24. Team Teague (IN) Jason Hall & Jerron Owsley
25. Team Balance (OR) Damiko Tidmore Jr.