Tuesday, September 23, 2014

2014 Fall Top 100 Players

1) Shemar Morrow (6-2/SF/CA)
2) Terrence Williams (6-4/PF/MD)
3) Benjamin Todd (6-9/C/CA)
4) Anthony Hoggard Jr. (5-10/PG/PA)
5) Donovan Billings (6-2/PF/WI)
6) Rashad McDaniels (5-9/SG/MO)
7) Jordan Toles (6-0/SG/MD)
8) Kyree Walker (6-3/SF/CA)
9) Cameron Byers (6-4/C/MD)
10) Jalen Suggs (5-9/PG/MN)
11) Matt Van Komen (6-9/C/UT)
12) Jason Harris (6-4/C/AZ)
13) Hunter Jackson (5-9/SG/IN)
14) Tyler Brelsford (5-6/PG/MD)
15) Matt Allocco (5-3/PG/OH)
16) Marcus Dumervil (6-3/PF/FL)
17) Jalen Johnson (5-11/SG/WI)
18) Jack Pugh (6-0/SF/OH)
19) Dillon Depina (6-2/PF/CA)
20) Chase Ellis (6-2/PF/GA)
21) Mike Saunders Jr. (5-2/PG/IN)
22) Nimari Burnett (5-6/SG/IL)
23) Chris Moore (6-2/C/TN)
24) Keyshawn Johnson (5-8/SG/DC)
25) Isaiah Todd (6-5/C/MD)
26) JaKobe Coles (5-11/SF/NE)
27) Visual Russell (6-4/C/FL)
28) D.J. Davis (5-3/PG/CA)
29) Elijah Everett (6-6/C/NJ)
30) Julian Newman (5-1/PG/FL)
31) Tyrone Washington (5-5/PG/AZ)
32) Chance Mott (6-3/C/OH)
33) Ishmael Leggett (5-6/SG/DC)
34) Kieves Turner (5-11/SG/PA)
35) Mike Sumner (5-10/SG/DC)
36) Juwan Carpenter (5-6/PG/TN)
37) Jeremy Roach (5-7/SG/VA)
38) Isaiah LeBlanc (6-0/SG/TX)
39) Dwon Odom (5-10/SF/GA)
40) Vincent Rockwell (6-0/SF/TX)
41) Lawrence Frost (5-10/PG/NC)
42) Isaiah Kennedy (5-6/PG/OH)
43) Tarik Booker (6-1/SF/IN)
44) John Wilson (5-3/PG/NY)
45) Chris Robinson Jr. (5-9/SG/NY)
46) Zeb Jackson Jr. (5-4/PG/OH)
47) Corey Barnes (5-9/SG/DE)
48) Samuel Rolle IV (5-1/PG/FL)
49) Alex Wade (4-11/PG/CA)
50) Fred Burton (6-1/SF/CA)
51) Jai Mukraj (6-3/C/IA)
52) Canin Reynolds (5-0/PG/DC)
53) Chuck Harris (5-8/SG/VA)
54) Rodney Bailey (5-1/PG/NY)
55) Justin Lykes (5-7/SG/DC)
56) Cornell Richardson (5-7/SG/MN)
57) Zion Bethea (5-11/SF/NJ)
58) Zahree Harrison (5-2/PG/PA)
59) Grant Russell (5-11/PF/IN)
60) Tejon Ford (5-3/PG/DC)
61) Trayden Williams (5-0/PG/NC)
62) Hunter Dickinson (6-6/C/MD)
63) Will McClendon (5-6/SG/CA)
64) Dylan Branson (5-6/SG/MO)
65) Sammy Anderson (5-6/SG/OH)
66) Devion Ross (5-5/SG/NC)
67) Marcus Fitzgerald (5-2/PG/TN)
68) Luke Stankavage (5-6/SG/NC)
69) Colton Fraley (5-8/SG/KY)
70) Raymond Terry (6-6/C/IN)
71) Marcus Bagley (6-1/PF/AZ)
72) Dimingus Stevens (5-7/SG/DC)
73) Latrell Gonzales (5-10/SF/CAN)
74) Xavier Pina (5-5/SG/DE)
75) Damiko Tidmore Jr. (6-1/PF/OR)
76) Tramon Mark (5-9/SG/TX)
77) Montez McNeil (6-4/C/MD)
78) Lonnie Ray Tyler (5-4/SG/TN)
79) RJ Davis (5-3/PG/NY)
80) Demon Clowney (6-4/PF/MD)
81) Thomas Notaranni (6-1/SF/CA)
82) Donquan Tillman (6-2/PF/LA)
83) Ketaan Wyatt Jr. (5-3/PG/OH)
84) Devin Askew (5-4/PG/CA)
85) Obinna Anyawau (6-3/C/CA)
86) Rahdir Hicks (5-5/SG/PA)
87) Justin Powell (5-10/SF/GA)
88) Jay Taylor (5-9/SG/CA)
89) Devontae Blanton (6-1/PF/OH)
90) Kyree Banks (5-2/PG/DC)
91) James Curry (6-3/PF/IN)
92) Reece Beekman (5-7/SG/WI)
93) Mike Forbes (6-0/SF/MD)
94) Jack Rottler (6-2/SF/CA)
95) Marcus Joseph (6-3/C/CA)
96) Jordan McPhatter (4-11/PG/NC)
97) Andrew King (6-6/C/PA)
98) Jason Hall (5-2/PG/IN)
99) Julien Smith (5-11/PF/TX
100) Josiah Hardy (6-2/PF/VA)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Truth or Not?

This fall I have been hearing all sorts of things. So can someone let me know if any of these are true or not?


Rumor is that Slam City will have a 7th grade team that will consist of players like Cameron Byers (6'4), Zion Harmon (5'4), Jordan Toles (6'0), Tyler Brelsford (5'6), and Terrence Williams (6'4). And that they will play in the NYBL. Is this true?

Rumor is that 2020 SG Paris Dawson from Cali is now in 2021 and will easily be a top 5 player? Is this true?

Rumor is that Oakland Soldiers added 6'4 Montez McNeil from Maryland. Is this true?

Rumor is that it is a new team getting put together with some of the top players in the Ohio-Indiana area and will have some real nice talent? Is this true?

Rumor is that there's a new 6'9 big guy from Utah named Matt Van Komen. Is this true?

All Nation All Americans

2014 All National 1st Team

PG-A.J. Hoggard
SG-Rashad McDaniels
SF-Shemar Morrow
PF-Terrence Williams
C-Benjamin Todd

2014 All National 2nd Team

PG-Jalen Suggs
SG-Jordan Toles
SF-Kyree Walker
PF-Donovan Billings
C-Cameron Byers

2014 All National 3rd Team

PG-Tyler Brelsford
SG-Hunter Jackson
SF-Jack Pugh
PF-Dillon Depina
C-Matt Van Komen

Who Is The #1 Player in The 2020 Class? (Top 3 Prospects-No Order)

Terrence Williams (6'4"/PF/Clinton, Maryland)

Pure scoring big man with smooth post moves. He recently re-classed into the 2020 class and is a dominant player in this class already. A week ago at Buckeye Prep he got MVP for his team in the NYBL vs The Nation All Star Game and the question is where will he and new 2020 member Tyler Brelsford play their AAU ball at?

Shemar Morrow (6'2"/SF/Aurora, Ohio)

Best athlete in the class hands down! He jumps for everything including dunks! He recently hit a half court buzzer beating game winner to win the AAU National Championship for his Oakland Soldiers team. As of right now they are still getting more prepared to defend their title for next season. From what I hear they even went to Italy a few weeks ago so these kids will be more then ready to play next year!

Benjamin Todd (6'9"/C/San Fernando Valley, California)

He is a big question mark! He didn't play in DI Nationals this past year but averaged nearly a triple double playing 12U & 13U last year?! We he has good ball handling for his size and a nice shot but only time will tell how good this kid will be. Will he be the #1 Player in the Nation? You will see later on this week!

2015 Preseason Top 10 Teams

2015 AAU Preseason Top 10 Teams (2020)

1) Oakland Soldiers
2) Slam City Elite
3) We All Can Go All Stars
4) St. Louis Wildcats Elite
5) Wisconsin United
6) West Coast All Stars
7) Team Takeover-Black
8) Worldwide Wildcats
9) New York Gauchos
10) San Diego Select

Monday, March 3, 2014

Personal Player Write Up: Shemar Morrow

The #1 Player in the nation Shemar Morrow is as versatile as it gets. He can shoot from beyond the arc, handle the ball under pressure, and defend well. His best attribute is his athletic ability. The kid is dunking right now! He's one of them very few 6th graders that can do it all and compete at a high level. He plays PF for his AAU teams but his true position is the WF position. He will be a good kid to look out for in the future when his game matures even more and develops.

New 2014 Top 50 Players in 2020

Class of 2020 (6th Grade) Basketball Player Rankings

1.        Shemar Morrow (6’2”/SF-PF/Aurora, OH/King James Shooting Stars)
2.        Donovan Billings (6’2”/C-PF/Milwaukee, WI/Wisconsin Playground Elite)
3.        Paris Dawson (5’8”/SG-SF/Los Angeles, CA/West Coast All Stars)
4.        Jalen Suggs (5’7”/SG-PG/St. Paul, MN/Wisconsin Playground Elite)
5.        Jordan Toles (6’1”/PF-C/Baltimore, MD/Banneker Kings)
6.        Kyree Walker (6’1”/SF-PF/Austell, GA/Memphis War Eagles)
7.        Jason Harris (6’3”/C-PF/Chandler, AZ/West Coast All Stars)
8.        Marcus Bagley (5’11”/PF-SF/Phoenix, AZ/We All Can Go All Stars)
9.        Hunter Jackson (5’7”/SG-SF/Indianapolis, IN/George Hill Rising Stars)
10.     Matt Allocco (5’3”/PG/Upper Arlington, OH/Team Excel 2018)
11.     Julian Newman (4’11”/PG/Orlando, FL/Central Florida Hoops)
12.     Juwon Carpenter (5’4”/PG/Nashville, TN/We All Can Go All Stars)
13.     Namari Burnett (5’6”/SG-SF/Chicago, IL/We All Can Go All Stars)
14.     Mike Saunders Jr. (5’0”/PG/Indianapolis, IN/George Hill Rising Stars)
15.     Visual Russell (6’3”/C/Winter Garden, FL/Florida Force 2019)
16.     Vincent Rockwell (6’0”/SF-PF/Dallas, TX/Young Playaz Elite)
17.     Reece Beekman (5’6”/SG-PG/Racine, WI/Wisconsin Playground Elite)
18.     Fred Burton (6’1”/PF-SF/Los Angeles, CA/P. Miller Ballers)
19.     Isaiah LeBlanc (6’0”/SF-SG/Houston, TX/God First Crusaders)
20.     Dimingus Stevens (5’8”/SG-SF/Washington D.C./Team Glory)
21.     Devin Tillis (5’11”/SF-SG/Los Angeles, CA/City Stars)
22.     Chris Moore (6’1”/PF-C/Bluff City, TN/Bluff City Ballers)
23.     Julien Smith (6’0”/SF-PF/Dallas, TX/Team Texas Elite)
24.     Brevin Jefferson (5’5”/SG-PG/Indianapolis, IN/George Hill Rising Stars)
25.     Mike Jefferson (5’11”/SF-SG/Dallas, TX/Team Texas Elite)
26.     Jack Pugh (5’10”/PF/Plain City, OH/San Diego Rebels Elite)
27.     Tyrone Washington (5’5”/PG-SG/Los Angeles, CA/West Coast All Stars)
28.     James Curry (6’1”/C-PF/Indianapolis, IN/Team Teague MT25 Hoyas)
29.     Grant Russell (5’10”/PF-C/Gary, IN/Gametime Sports)
30.     Zeb Jackson Jr. (5’2”/PG-SG/Toledo, OH/Team Toledo Flash)
31.     Andre Screen (5’11”/PF-C/Hampton, VA/Fairfax Stars Black)
32.     Jeremy Roach (5’5”/SG-SF/Leesburg, VA/Leesburg Basketball Club)
33.     Willeon Yates (5’3”/PG/Springboro, OH/Dayton Metro 2019)
34.     Alex Wade (4’11”/PG/San Diego, CA/San Diego Rebels Elite)
35.     Lionel Cryer Jr. (5’2”/PG/Houston, TX/Houston Elite)
36.     Rodney Bailey (5’3”/PG-SG/New York, NY/New York Gauchos)
37.     Zahree Harrison (5’3”/PG/Philadelphia, PA/Team Phenom East)
38.     Jason Hall (5’2”/PG/Indianapolis, IN/Team Teague MT25 Hoyas)
39.     Chibuzo Agbo (6’1”/C-PF/San Diego, CA/San Diego Rebels Elite)
40.     Donquan Tillman (5’11”/SF-PF/New Orleans, LA/ATR Xplosion)
41.     Khalil Brantley (5’0”/PG/Raleigh, NC/Worldwide Wildcats)
42.     Devin Tolbert (5’2”/PG/Evanston, IL/Evanston Battlecats)
43.     Isaiah Thompson (5’3”/PG/Brooklyn, NY/New York Gauchos)
44.     Joshua Smith (5’11”/SG-SF/Atlanta, GA/Atlanta Celtics)
45.     Marcus Joseph (6’0”/PF-C/Los Angeles, CA/City Stars)
46.     Trayden Williams (5’3”/PG-SG/Charlotte, NC/Metrolina Havoc)
47.     Lonnie Ray Tyler (5’2”/PG-SG/Nashville, TN/We All Can Go All Stars)
48.     Niels Lane (5’5”/SG-PG/Trenton, NJ/Team IZOD-Sports U)
49.     Obinna Anyawau (6’1”/PF-C/San Diego, CA/San Diego Rebels Elite)

50.     Jay Taylor (5’6”/SG-SF/Sacramento, CA/P. Miller Ballers)