Monday, February 1, 2016

God First Crusaders 2020

13) Last year the God First crew won 30+ games vs. elite level 2020 teams and this year they look to earn some respect. They are also playing up this year in the 15U UA Association which will pay off well for them. They have their main guy in 6'3" SG Isaiah LeBlanc who is the best player in Texas 2020 class. He can give you 30 a game no matter who you are but he still is very unselfish and knows how to win games. Then you have 6'1" stud G Tramon Mark who is LeBlanc's partner in crime. This group also has good length in 6'7" Stayve Thomas Jr., 6'8" Emanuel Jones, 6'8" Terius Mathis, 6'5" Breon Thompson and 6'6" Nicholas Hale. Other solid guards include 5'10" Lejon Stewart Jr., 6'3" Adam Kanafani and 6'2" Christian Wright. The biggest impact will be 6'6" F JaKobe Coles that is just coming off an injury but will be a key piece to this team challenging guys like the Oakland Soldiers, Team Takeover-Black and the We All Can Go crew. Lookout for this sleeper group this year.


  1. There you go with Leblanc the best player in TEXAS. Gimme a break. The best player in TEXAS would usually be on the best TEAM. GF WON'T EVEN SHOW UP to play LEGIT COMPETITION. Hope they come to Lucas or SIB. It's in Houston and I bet they won't show. Houston ELITE will dust those boys. All TWITTER ACTION BOSS. They not for real at ALL. They a HYPE machine. Do your homework. Ask the LOCAL people about them. We know.

    1. whoever you are and whatever team you coach i bet you wont pay money to play those guys trust me there pretty elite and did you really just say houston elite they blew there team out by 30 and not to mention everyone on there team is an all american and there all getting excepted into major camps so please talk what you know not what you hear and leblanc might not be the best in the state but he is a top perspective so please stop hatting on these kids

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