Monday, February 1, 2016

B'more United Thrill 2020

15) B'more United Thrill - They host the best guys in Maryland and they represent their state very well. This past weekend they made a run in the Clash for the Cup but eventually fell to #3 Team Takeover-Black in the championship. They are led by a few guys but their stud is 6'2" WG Jordan Toles from Baltimore. He is a absolute workhorse and will never be denied when in attack mode. The other guys they have are all almost equally talented . Guys such as 6'6" WF/PF Justin Lewis, 6'6" PF Cameron Byers, 5'9" PG Rahim Ali Jr., 6'6" F Demon Clowney and 6'3" shooter Austin Allison. They are competing at a very high level right now and we look forward to see what else they will accomplish this season. 

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