Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mid Ohio Pumas 2020

12) Mid Ohio Pumas - Almost every team has that one guy that they couldn't perform well without and 6'3" WF/PF Jack Pugh from Plain City, OH is that guy. He dominates the best players in the country every time out and is a stat sheet stuffer. 5'8" Matt Allocco is arguably the best floor general and shooter in the Midwest! He handles pressure and defends the top guards in the nation. He is the definition of tough. Then you have 6'0" F Chris Mayfield from Hilliard, 6'0" G Cameron McCreary and 6'1" G Logan Houle from Bucyrus along with 6'5" F Chance Mott from Mansfield, OH. These guys have some of the best chemistry in the country and will surprise some people this season.

Playaz Basketball Club 2020

11) Playaz Basketball Club - This team has it's bumps to get around. Some days they look like a top 5 group then they look like a bunch of guys just having a hard time working together. But these guys beat Team United and gave New Heights and Team Takeover a hard time so they have our vote at #11. They have 2 stud guards in 6'0" Noah Farrakhan and 5'11" Raejon Figures. Farrakhan is a freak athlete with a excelled skill level while Figures is their motor guy and he has a sweet stroke! Then they have progressing forwards in 6'3" Zion Bethea, 6'3" shooter C.J. Wilcher and 6'5" slasher/shooter Luke Kolaja. They are all very talented and have the ability to go far with this team. The man in the middle is 6'8" Elijah Everett and he is a great rebounder and plays very hard and does the dirty work for the team. 

Supreme Court 2020

10) Supreme Court - Don't know much about this group yet but they gave a loaded West Coast All Stars group a tough game. That team featured 3 guys in our top 15 (Hoggard, Harris and Williams). This squad is led by explosive scoring 6'2" guard R.J. Hampton who just knows how to get buckets. He can score in a variety of ways including hitting the 3. They also have 2 great shooters is 6'0" Fielder Summy and 6'4" Michael Jefferson. These 2 hardly miss from deep so you can't leave them open. In the paint they have 6'9" C Godsgift (don't know last name). They also have 6'2" attacking wing forward K.J. Pruitt and 5'7" PG Braelon Bush and Bush brings this team to life as he competes at a high level at all times. This team needs one more big piece to look to crack the top 5. Also you should know that Hampton is rated #22 in our national top 25 list!

Team Final-Blue 2020

9) Team Final-Blue - This scrappy group is hard to beat and they are this way because of the way they RUN. They run teams out the gym because they start 3 guards and 2 wing forwards and just get up and down. Their main guy is the #15 player in the nation 6'1" PG A.J. Hoggard who is just so smooth that he could play on any team in the nation. He creates for himself very well and he can get others open looks with his crafty ball handling. Their 2nd leading scorer is 6'3" G/F Eddie Evans and he utilizes his ability to run the floor and get easy buckets. Then you have the trio of 6'4" Noah Collier, 5'4" Zahree Harrison and 6'0" scorer Lynn Greer III and these 3 are as good as their top guys they just know their role and can all make a splash this summer!

New York Lightning 2020

8) New York Lightning - Possibly the biggest team in the country. Their frontcourt is 7’0”, 6'9", 6'7", 6'7", 6'7", 6'5" and that's the size of a HS Prep roster! You start with 5'10" scoring PG Posh Alexander who averages 21ppg for this team and 5'10" PG Amir Spears. They have the #14 player in the country in 6'7" Trey Hall. He is a smooth wing that can post up and drain the 3. New additions are 6'9" Emmanuel Okpomo and 6'7" PF Jaemyn Brakefield from Mississippi. I also just found out they just brought in 7’0” James Kamich from Kenya. They all bring outstanding length to their team. A few other notable guys are 6'5" Quran Zene Jr. and 6'7" Tyler Young. They have 3 top 25 players in Alexander (#19), Hall (#14) and Brakefield (#21). Once this team gels together they will be very hard to beat because of their height at the wing position. Lookout for this group to try and crack the top 5.

San Diego Select 2020

7) San Diego Select - Ladies and gentlemen I bring to you the most fundamental team in the nation, San Diego Select. They have stars everywhere in this group. We start with the 7th graders with 5'3" floor general Alex Wade and 5'10" scoring guard Paris Dawson who can attack and score on all levels. Then we have the 6'5" twin towers Chibuzo Agbo and Obinna Anywau that bang with the best bigs in the country. Then they have arguably the best shooter in the nation 6'2" Ryan Evans and him and Dawson are the best scorers for this team. They also have 2 key players in 6'2" F Kimani Holt and 6'1" G Thomas Notaranni that can also surprise people this year and have big games this spring/summer.

George Hill Rising Stars 2020

6) George Hill Rising Stars - This is a defensive minded team that can handle anything offensively. They lack size but make up for it with their speed. Their combo is between 5'7" PG Michael Saunders Jr. that can go toe to toe with ANY PG in the country. He just has that natural gift that makes this team perform well. Then his partner in crime is lock down defender 5'10" Hunter Jackson and this kid is a man child! He bullies guys twice his size and can put up 20ppg and if he's not playing they become a different team but they still are dominant which they won AAU age based nationals without Jackson's presence. 5'8" Brevin Jefferson, 5'10" Trey Galloway and 5'8" Kenny Tracey are elite level guards in Indiana as well. This team will definitely surprise some guys this summer as they do every year.

Team United Hoops 2020

5) Team United - This team is a close call as they have lost 2 games already but 1 loss was to a top 5 team. They will be a very tough team when the spring/summer comes. They have talented guys on their roster that work well together. 6'2" Dwon Odom leads the pack and he is nothing short from athletic and can score the rock multiple ways. 6'6" PF Josh Rubio is a very strong post player and a solid defender. 6'0" G Tristan Maxwell can also put the ball in the rim and is very crafty. Other notable guys are 6'4" F Silas Mason that is great at attacking and 5'9" Cameron Hayes is solid as well as G Ford Cooper Jr. This team is hoping to keep their top 5 spot.

New Heights 2020

4) New Heights - Last year i never even knew that the guys on this roster existed but now that they're here. They have a dynamic duo of 6'2" smooth PG/SG Ryan Myers that can score the ball in every way possible and 6'9" C Isiah Mohammed that is a great shot blocker and defensive post player. These 2 make this team go. 6'7" F Richard Springs is a key accessory to this squad with his versatility along with slashing ability and 6'3" wing Tyler Jacobs does a good job at scoring the pill and 5'8" PG Trey Alexander puts this team on another level with his excellent floor general skills. 

Team Takeover-Black 2020

3) Team Takeover-Black - Unlike Oakland and WACG, Team Takeover is a fundamental team with tons of talent from the DMV. We start with a very powerful force in 6'6" Terrence Williams from Clinton, MD. He is currently the #5 player in the country and his stock is still on the rise. He reminds me of a slowed down version of Miles Bridges. He is a great player and is at his best going to the rim and he can create his own bucket as well as for a teammate. Next they have a elite level backcourt with 6'0" Jeremy Roach and 5'10" Ishmael Leggett at the 1 and 2. Then they have 6'3" wing Josiah Freeman at the 3 spot and 6'10" Hunter Dickinson to round of the starting line up. Off the bench they have elite guards 5'11" Chuck Harris and 5'8" Tyler Brelsford. Other key guys that make this team go are 6'4" Earl Timberlake Jr., 6'6" elite forward Paul Smith and 6'3" wing Jamal Barnes. I can't wait to see these guys match up with WACG and Oakland. 

Oakland Soldiers 2020

2) Oakland Soldiers - This squad has 3 of the top 6 players in the country on it. We start off with our #1 8th grader 6'5" G/F Kyree Walker who is a miniature version of Magic Johnson. He can score the rock and dish it. Next you have the #2 player in the nation 6'5" wing Shemar Morrow that has a very high motor and athleticism that is like a pro. Last but not least you have the 6th best player in the nation in 6'8" C Jason Harris who has came over from the West Coast All Stars and will make this team battle WACG for the #1 spot. These role players have a combination of size and skill with guys like 5'9" PG Devin Askew, 6'5" PF Kendall Munson, 6'3" G/F Xavier DuSell, 6'2" G/F Fred Burton, 6'3" G Josh Christopher and 5'8" elite defender and shooter Jamir Thomas. This team is STACKED!

We All Can Go All Stars 2020

1) We All Can Go All Stars - 6'3" stud Jaden Springer is a definite top 10 player in the nation with his high motor and unbelievable skill level. He can shoot the mid range jumper and attack the rim with authority. They have a group of the best guards in the south with 5'8" Marcus Fitzgerald Jr., 5'8" Ray Tyler, and 5'9" Juwan Carpenter. Not to mention top 15 player 6'5" Marcus Bagley and top 5 7th grader 5'8" Zion Hamron. With elite level role players like 6'5" Chris Moore and 6'3" wing DeVito Tisdale and i hear they have a little secret in a 6'9" big guy joining the program, this team looks destined for greatness and they will look to dominate the 8th grade circuit as well as compete on the 9th and 10th grade level. 

2021 National Watch List

Dylan Andrews (5'6"/G/CA)
Ramelle Arnold (5'10"/G/OH)
Carter Whitt (5'8"/G/NC)
Christian Bento (6'9"/C/CA)
Zion Harmon (5'8"/G/TN)
Seth Wilson (5'10"/G/OH)
Boopie Miller (5'0"/G/IL)
Trey Patterson (6'6"/F/NJ)
Khalil Brantley (5'2"/G/NC)
Meechie Johnson (5'3"/G/OH)
Jai Smith (6'4"/F/NC)
Jaden Phillips (5'9"/G/CA)
William Jeffress (6'2"/F/OH)
Donnell Harris (6'5"/C/FL)
Paris Dawson (5'10"/G/CA)
Alex Wade (5'3"/G/CA)
Jalen Hall (5'10"/G/DC)
Caleb Furst (6'5"/C/IN)
Jalen Blackmon (5'8"/G/IN)
Jalen Butler (6'3"/F/IL)
Christopher Ford (5'11"/F/NC)
Trevor Keels (6'0"/F/DC)
Ryan Conway (5'10"/G/MD)
Keon Henderson (5'6"/G/MI)
D.J. Jackson (6'0"/G/CA)
Kennedy Chandler (5'4"/G/TN)
Noah Peeples (5'10"/F/OH)
Brayon Freeman (5'7"/G/DC)
Drake Booker (6'1"/F/CA)
Jalen Smith (5'8"/G/FL)
Tristan Jeffries (6'3"/F/NJ)
Jayden Brown (5'9"/G/NJ)
Thaddius Franklin Jr. (5'8"/G/TN)
Tyrone Washington Jr. (5'7"/G/AZ)
Duncan Powell (6'3"/F/TX)
Tommy Anderson (5'11"/G/NV)
Jonathan Lawson (6'4"/F/TN)
Zaakir Williamson (6'3"/F/PA)
Adrian Griffin (5'10"/G/IL)
Anthony Sayles (5'9"/G/IL)
Devon Longstreet (6'1"/F/GA)
Christian Winborne (5'9"/G/MD)
Patrick Baldwin (6'1"/G/IL)
Darius Johnson (5'7"/G/DC)
Jacory Wallace (6'2"/F/MI)
Latrell Moore (6'1"/F/CA)
Noah Rittenger (5'6"/G/WV)
Zach Blackwell (5'11"/G/MD)
Ra'Heim Sanders (6'0"/F/FL)
Malachi Smith (5'8"/G/NY)
Shane Dezonie (6'2"/F/NJ)
Al-Fatir Connor (5'5"/G/NJ)
Khalil Farmer (5'6"/G/PA)
Reuben Fatheree (6'8"/C/TX)
Ahmad Harrison (5'9"/G/MD)
Saveon Jackson (5'9"/G/DC)
Ariel Goddott (6'4"/C/DC)
Jake Koverman (6'3"/F/MD)
Michael Mitchell Jr. (5'11"/G/CA)