Sunday, January 31, 2016

Supreme Court 2020

10) Supreme Court - Don't know much about this group yet but they gave a loaded West Coast All Stars group a tough game. That team featured 3 guys in our top 15 (Hoggard, Harris and Williams). This squad is led by explosive scoring 6'2" guard R.J. Hampton who just knows how to get buckets. He can score in a variety of ways including hitting the 3. They also have 2 great shooters is 6'0" Fielder Summy and 6'4" Michael Jefferson. These 2 hardly miss from deep so you can't leave them open. In the paint they have 6'9" C Godsgift (don't know last name). They also have 6'2" attacking wing forward K.J. Pruitt and 5'7" PG Braelon Bush and Bush brings this team to life as he competes at a high level at all times. This team needs one more big piece to look to crack the top 5. Also you should know that Hampton is rated #22 in our national top 25 list!

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