Sunday, January 31, 2016

Playaz Basketball Club 2020

11) Playaz Basketball Club - This team has it's bumps to get around. Some days they look like a top 5 group then they look like a bunch of guys just having a hard time working together. But these guys beat Team United and gave New Heights and Team Takeover a hard time so they have our vote at #11. They have 2 stud guards in 6'0" Noah Farrakhan and 5'11" Raejon Figures. Farrakhan is a freak athlete with a excelled skill level while Figures is their motor guy and he has a sweet stroke! Then they have progressing forwards in 6'3" Zion Bethea, 6'3" shooter C.J. Wilcher and 6'5" slasher/shooter Luke Kolaja. They are all very talented and have the ability to go far with this team. The man in the middle is 6'8" Elijah Everett and he is a great rebounder and plays very hard and does the dirty work for the team. 

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