Sunday, January 31, 2016

Team Final-Blue 2020

9) Team Final-Blue - This scrappy group is hard to beat and they are this way because of the way they RUN. They run teams out the gym because they start 3 guards and 2 wing forwards and just get up and down. Their main guy is the #15 player in the nation 6'1" PG A.J. Hoggard who is just so smooth that he could play on any team in the nation. He creates for himself very well and he can get others open looks with his crafty ball handling. Their 2nd leading scorer is 6'3" G/F Eddie Evans and he utilizes his ability to run the floor and get easy buckets. Then you have the trio of 6'4" Noah Collier, 5'4" Zahree Harrison and 6'0" scorer Lynn Greer III and these 3 are as good as their top guys they just know their role and can all make a splash this summer!

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