Sunday, January 31, 2016

George Hill Rising Stars 2020

6) George Hill Rising Stars - This is a defensive minded team that can handle anything offensively. They lack size but make up for it with their speed. Their combo is between 5'7" PG Michael Saunders Jr. that can go toe to toe with ANY PG in the country. He just has that natural gift that makes this team perform well. Then his partner in crime is lock down defender 5'10" Hunter Jackson and this kid is a man child! He bullies guys twice his size and can put up 20ppg and if he's not playing they become a different team but they still are dominant which they won AAU age based nationals without Jackson's presence. 5'8" Brevin Jefferson, 5'10" Trey Galloway and 5'8" Kenny Tracey are elite level guards in Indiana as well. This team will definitely surprise some guys this summer as they do every year.

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