Sunday, January 31, 2016

New York Lightning 2020

8) New York Lightning - Possibly the biggest team in the country. Their frontcourt is 7’0”, 6'9", 6'7", 6'7", 6'7", 6'5" and that's the size of a HS Prep roster! You start with 5'10" scoring PG Posh Alexander who averages 21ppg for this team and 5'10" PG Amir Spears. They have the #14 player in the country in 6'7" Trey Hall. He is a smooth wing that can post up and drain the 3. New additions are 6'9" Emmanuel Okpomo and 6'7" PF Jaemyn Brakefield from Mississippi. I also just found out they just brought in 7’0” James Kamich from Kenya. They all bring outstanding length to their team. A few other notable guys are 6'5" Quran Zene Jr. and 6'7" Tyler Young. They have 3 top 25 players in Alexander (#19), Hall (#14) and Brakefield (#21). Once this team gels together they will be very hard to beat because of their height at the wing position. Lookout for this group to try and crack the top 5.

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